The Hellenic Health Services Management Association (HHSMA) aims at the cultivation, deepening and promotion of the Health Management and Economics Science and the promotion of research and education in this sector. Also, aims at the scientific, working, professional and cultural development and upgrade of healthcare executives, who deal with Health Management and Economics, the further cultivation and deepening of their scientific knowledge and their constant training.

Regular members of HHSMA can become 3rd degree education graduates of Greek or Foreign Universities, specialized in Financial, Social or Law Sciences, Enterprise or Social Management, Information Technology, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics, Nursing, Mechanics or other sciences relevant to the ones mentioned above, Hospitals Management or Health Services Management, who work on Health Management and Economics or promote science in these sectors. In addition, regular members, independent of graduate degree, can become postgraduate and PhD students of any life sciences sector.

The majority of regular HHSMA members are Managers and Directors of NHS and Private Hospitals in Greece or active in Health Care sector enterprises and freelancers (Health Care Management consultants).

Through this website, registered HHSMA members have full electronic access to all the Association's documents (Statutes, Board Meetings Minutes, Public Statements, etc) and full electronic update for healthcare sector news, press clippings, published scientific papers, info on forthcoming events, previous events, bibliography, postgraduate studies, etc. This material is published mainly in the Greek language, however there are direct links to websites of international congresses, universities, sector journals, related Associations of other countries, etc.

Among HHSMA's activities is the organization of the annual Pan-Hellenic Scientific Congress of Health Care Services Management, an event that is running toward its 22nd year (2020), is under the hospice of the Greek Ministry of Health, has international participation and has gained wide recognition among all health care professionals in Greece with more than 1,000 delegates annually.

HHSMA publishes on a quarterly basis the Scientific Journal of the Health Care Sector Professionals, Health Review (sciences - technology - policy), and the Newsletter HEALTH Affairs in Greece.

Since 2006 HHSMA represents Greece as a Full Member of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), along with national associations of 26 other European countries. Moreover, in 2018 HHSMA became an Associate Member of the International Hospital Federation (IHF).

You can contact HHSMA at:

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fax: +30 210 6525656